PICO and Keyword Worksheets

Download these worksheets to help you craft a research statement. These will help you clarify your search and help to keep track of terms that have been used in the search.

Contact Us

Contact information for the library should you have any questions about research or policy at the Montante Family Library.

Full List of Chiro Databases

This will take you to the library main page containing the full list of databases for chiropractic from the Montante Family Library.


Free citation management software addon for browser. One button click to save information from a wide variety of resources. Allows you to create citations and "Works Cited" pages.


Take notes and access them from any computer on the Internet. Evernote also has applications that can be added to your browser that allow you to capture web pages, images or selected text and automatically store them. Tag your notes to keep them organized.


This citation management tool can help you to organize and format your citations. Most of the databases allow you to export a file to CiteULike making it easy to capture all the information that you need to find and cite an article or create a Works Cited page.

Google Docs

Google Docs is great place to keep your notes while doing research. You can view your notes from any computer with Internet access, so you don't need to carry a portable storage device with you. Sign up for free or your Gmail account login to access this resource.

OT Databases at DYC

Long listing of databases available at DYC for research on OT related topics .


This site contains critically appraised topic (CATs) and critically appraised paper (CAPs) focusing on occupational therapy interventions. The earlier topics were completed by Australian occupational therapists participating in a year-long research project between 2002 and 2003. Completion of a CAT or CAP was the major assignment for the study, and resulted in the development of the website. Participants in that study identified a common clinical problem, wrote a focused clinical question, conducted a search for the best available evidence, then appraised and summarized the evidence.

Evidence Based Medicine

This listing of databases provides a great starting point for those looking for evidence based research articles.


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